Zaharieva: Green light for starting EU negotiations with Macedonia early next week

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said that after the agreement reached on the name North Macedonia, the EU General Affairs Council could give the green light for starting accession negotiations with Macedonia at the beginning of next week.

“The topic of EU enlargement will be discussed at Council meeting. If the Council gives the green light, the decision can be confirmed at the meeting of the European Council on June 29-30, Zaharieva said in the interview with the Bulgarian Nova TV.

Zaharieva said that enthusiasm for enlargement among some members is not great, but stressed that Macedonia deserves and should be given a clear perspective.

She reiterated that Bulgaria’s national interest is stable Macedonia and stable neighbours that are heading towards NATO and EU membership.

Zaharieva considered that the agreement between Macedonia and Greece will in no way violate the implementation of the treaty of good neighbourly relations between Sofia and Skopje.