Zaev urges opposition not to obstruct the parliament’s work

The right of the opposition to submit amendments to the Law on Use of Languages should be respected but at the same time the obligation to be respected through which this right obstructs the parliament’s work, PM Zoran Zaev told Monday.

He expressed his concern what would happen with the reforms if the parliament is blocked and how the laws, important to Plan 3-6-9 of the reform process, would be adopted.

“Macedonia is ahead of a positive climate for a possible recommendation to start EU accession negotiations, and hopefully in June even for a date to start the negotiations. If we stall the reforms, we cannot say that we will move in that direction, but I believe that the opposition will be reasonable in the scope of the parliament’s Rules of Procedure. I hope solution would be found in the talks between coordinators and representatives of the opposition and the ruling parties,” Zaev told reporters.

“I believe that parliament will act in accordance with the Law on Parliament, the Rules of Procedure and other positive legal regulations and I expect the matter to be discussed at the coordination meeting with Parliament Speaker. It is important to observe democratic procedures in accordance with the Law on Parliament and the Rules of Procedure, because the democracy is crucial,” Zaev underlined.