Zaev: there will be no general amnesty law

There is no plan for drafting a law on general amnesty with regard to 27 April 2017 Parliament incidents, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Monday.

Discussions are underway only for a possibility amnesty to be granted only to those who were not involved in masterminding, organizing the attack on Parliament and in the acts of violence, Zaev told journalists at a public debate on constitutional amendments in Stip.

Zaev also pointed out that Greece was not drafting any annex to the Prespa Agreement with regards to his recent statement about the Macedonian language.

‘I have been in touch with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on regular basis. We must however pay attention to our rhetoric. It is a fact that the Macedonian language – part of the group of the South Slavic languages – is notified in the agreement. It is also a fact that our country is going to become the Republic of North Macedonia. We should be careful as Greece recognizes our right of self-determination and usage of the Macedonian language,’ Zaev said.