Zaev-Priebe: Collective responsibility for functional rule of law

There must be collective responsibility for functional rule of law, agreed Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and EU expert Reinhard Priebe on today’s meeting, which was also attended by EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar.

PM Zaev and Priebe both expressed the importance of implementing judicial reforms and laws, since an aspect demonstrating a functional democracy is an independent, transparent and efficient judicial system, reads the Government’s press release.

PM Zaev said the Government is committed to enabling the required conditions of securing justice for all citizens.

“Results in the field of economy are becoming visible after opening the NATO integration process. However, we are aware that the country needs practical results in the judiciary through implementation of reforms. EU expects North Macedonia to deliver results in this sector, in light of the accession talks date expected in June. They are also important for the citizens, who deserve to live in a country where justice is attainable,” said Prime Minister Zaev.