Waiting for Gruevski and Boskoski’s extradition from Greece

The trial for the mass wiretapping in the Target-Fortress case has been postponed for May 15. The court will be awaiting the decision whether Goran Gruevski and Nikola Boskoski will be extradited to Macedonia, and if not, the judge, Geneta Bektovic, announced that the court will decide whether to indict the two defendants in absentia.

The judge told lawyer Petar Vasilev to provide power of attorney to represent the accused in 15 days, otherwise the lawyer would be ex officio.
“I would not want to speculate with dates. But I expect that the procedure will be completed soon. A hearing is scheduled for April 26 in the Supreme Court of Greece regarding our extradition complaint,” Vasilev said.

Gruevski and Boskoski are in custody in Greece, and the local Supreme Court has to decide whether they will be extradited to Macedonia. Apart from them, in this procedure, which the SPO leads for massive wiretapping, also accused in this case are the ex-Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, the former director of the UBK, Saso Mijalkov, and the former head of his office, Toni Jakimovski. They were present in the Criminal Court today.