VMRO-DPMNE convention for selecting presidential candidate begins in Struga

VMRO-DPMNE’s convention has started in Struga, where the candidate of this party should be selected for the upcoming presidential elections.

Party leader Hristijan Mickoski, before entering the hall of the House of Culture, expressed his confidence that today Macedonia will know the name of the new president of the country.

“Today we are finalizing the whole process. All candidates had equal chances to present their program, plan and vision, and I am sure that the one who wins today in Struga will win the presidential election, emphasized Mickoski.

VMRO-DPMNE MP Vlatko Gjorcev, who submitted his bid for representing the main opposition party in the upcoming presidential election, said that he will support any candidate that will win the party’s confidence.

“I will support every candidate who will win your trust. From Monday we begin united in out fight to defeat SDSM,” said MP and one of the candidates, Vlatko Gjorcev, ahead of the VMRO-DPMNE’s convention in Struga, where a candidate for president of the opposition party is to be elected.

He said he was motivated as never before and boasted that he had visited 70 municipal committees in seven days. “I am motivated because I have a stomachache every time I see what Zaev does to our country,” he said. He promised that if he gained the confidence of the delegates and became a presidential candidate, he would visit every home across the country and attract the votes of the undecided.

“This is the most important speech in my life. Please do not stand me up, and I will not disappoint you, “Gjorcev stressed. At today’s convention, 523 of the 551 registered delegates are present. The MPs Daniela Rangelova and Ilija Dimovski are present at the hall as well, for whom the public is said to disagree with some of the policies of the current leadership.