(Video) Zaev’s final address ahead of the referendum

On Sunday you will face a historic decision. You should make a choice. Remember, it is not a choice between two political parties. It is a choice for your future, the future of your country. It is a choice for the future of our cherished Macedonia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says in a recorded video address to the citizens ahead of the September 30 referendum.

“This monument, Makedonium, reminds us that the Macedonian people have always made the right choice: In 1903 during the Ilinden Uprising. In 1941 when it stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive Europe against fascism during the fight for national liberation.

On 8 September 1991 by voting in the referendum we had made a decision for a free, independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia. Until now, not all of our aspirations came true, including our dream for European Macedonia and a member state of NATO.

But today, we are close to fulfilling this dream, this aspiration of ours. On September 30, each and every one of us should put a brick in the construction of a better Macedonian future – to make ourselves helpful in becoming a member of the most powerful security alliance – NATO and a full-fledged member in the strongest economic community in the world – the European Union.

You, the citizens, hold the key to making our country a member of the European family.

I know, we should make a concession and accept a geographical qualifier to the name Macedonia, but no one can and no one will ever deny our identity.

The proud Macedonian country secured full recognition of our Macedonian nation, our language, our heritage. Our Macedonian language is protected. Our Macedonian identity is protected forever.

The anthem, the flag remain the same and they are protected. We are Macedonians and we will be forever Macedonians.

Hence, I will vote. For the well-being of our children. For a peaceful and safe country in which Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Roma people, Bosniaks, Vlachs, and all our ethnic communities live a good and prosperous life.

On Sunday, you should vote, too. Your vote will set the course of Macedonia. The ones voting are those who will decide. If an overwhelming majority votes Yes, we will permanently pave our way for NATO and the EU.

Democracy and the right to vote are our highest values. That being said, our civil responsibility is to cast our vote.

On Sunday, your vote will determine your future and the future of our country. Now is the time to decide. May we come together as we have done so 27 years ago.

May we bring our country closer to a brighter future. United for European Macedonia, PM Zaev says in a video address to the nation ahead of the name referendum.

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