Tzanakopoulos: Compound name for all uses


I hope our neighbors will continue to negotiate through good will so that we reach a mutually acceptable solution”, says Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, MIA reports from Athens.

In an interview with Greek TV station Blue Sky, Tzanakopoulos reiterated the Greek positions of a compound name for all uses, without entering into details over the text of the Greek agreement that has been sent to the Macedonian authorities.

“The text incorporates an agreement based on the Greek government position – a compound name for all uses. What does this mean? Constitutional revision and internal use of the name in the neighboring country,” says Tzanakopoulos.

Asked if the agreement would be a package or solved in stages, he says that international complex issues, namely ones that also refer to internal administrative procedures, require time, while international agreements “oblige parties and implementation is required, because international law would otherwise be violated.”

In addition, Tzanakopoulos says Greece is under no pressure and there is no time frame for the name solution