Thaci: Negotiations with Zaev are underway

After a long time, DPA spoke in public about this topic. Their leader Menduh Thaci told Alsat-M that his party is in the process of negotiating, but will know which positions will become part of the government’s cabinet in the coming days. With the possible involvement of DPA in the government, the parliamentary majority will receive support from two DPA MPs, Menduh Thaci himself, who is also an MP, and MP Merale Ferati.

“It’s too early to talk about what will be the epilogue of these talks. It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming days,” Thaci stated briefly.
Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, however, warned the two wings of Besa. Negotiations, according to the prime minister, should be held at a negotiating table, not through the media, as Afrim Gashi and Bilal Kasami did.

“It’s not right to negotiate through the media. If we negotiate at that level, there is a great possibility for us not to reach an agreement with anyone, because even before they start, the negotiations will be considered unsuccessful,” Zaev said. The prime minister, in several of his statements about government airing, said that he wants people in his cabinet, who will honestly work for the benefit of the citizens. (B.I.)