SDSM reacts to Nezavisen Vesnik’s article: Ivanov orders souvenirs with his name

The ruling party SDSM today reacted to the electronic auction by President Gjorge Ivanov, which requires a bidder who will produce around 700 souvenirs with his name and with the old name of the country Republic of Macedonia. Ivanov’s Cabinet foresees spending about 20 thousand euros for this purpose.

As Nezavisen Vesnik published yesterday, Ivanov’s Cabinet ordered 25 books, a 25 books, a monograph of the Republic of Macedonia in Macedonian and English language printed in color, paperback and hardcover with a minimum of 200 pages. Furthermore, exclusive metal and ballpoint pens, as well as umbrellas, wine set, metal badges with fuses, folders, pens holders, business card holders, notebooks, jewelry, deep (walnut) wood carvings are all included with engraving on the emblem of the President of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Ivanov orders over 700 souvenirs with his name. Pens, umbrellas, pearl earrings, wine sets, filigree jewelry, scarves and ties are only part of the items Ivanov ordered. This spending of national money for own marketing is not the behavior of a responsible president of a state representing the interests of all citizens. This irresponsible and wasteful behavior of Ivanov resembles the behavior of leaders in authoritarian regimes. Could Ivanov be planning on ordering a bust of him before his term expires? It is only good that Ivanov still has very little time left of his second term. The citizens will not allow a new Ivanov nor a new Gruevski. Citizens will elect a real president, a president who, along with democratic and progressive forces, will lead the country towards full-fledged NATO membership and EU integration. The Republic of North Macedonia will get a president of all citizens, not a non-irresponsible party servant as Ivanov was,” the SDSM said in a written statement.

Nezavisen Vesnik also published yesterday that Ivanov is ordering a total of 50 women’s silk scarves and 100 men’s ties which will include the following text: “With Compliments HE Dr. Gjorge Ivanov President Republic of Macedonia”.