Osmani: Failure to obtain start date for EU accession talks may affect name deal

Failure to obtain start date for EU accession talks, would cause disappointment, but also consequences over the implementation of name deal and outcome of the referendum, Deputy PM for European Integration Bujar Osmani said Sunday in the interview with Greek newspaper Realnews.

Osmani said that if decision to start accession talks is not adopted at the upcoming EU Summit, all those involved in the process will be disappointed by both sides, but “more importantly, the disappointment that will be created of the political forces that positively treated the agreement in both countries.”

“It will surely be a huge set back in regard to additional implementation of the agreement, putting the outcome of referendum in danger and will additionally risk the support for the anticipated constitutional changes, etc. Our country is an important partner for the EU in areas such as security, the managing the migrant crisis and dealing with terrorist threats, and the delay in the European perspective can cause a huge backslide in these areas” Osmani said.

Asked about the referendum, Osmani said that it is connected with the country’s European integration, but is convinced that it will be a success.

“There is a strong dynamics to have a huge and convincing success of the autumn referendum. However, all involved parties, our neighbors, EU and NATO member states should remain on the positive track and confirm the country’s EU and NATO integration perspective that is correlated with the will of the electoral body and is the strongest supporter for the success of the referendum,” Osmani said in the interview.

In regard to the position of VMRO-DPMNE, the opposition’s likelihood of changing the position and the scenario for early parliamentary elections, Osmani said that for the DUI, the elections would have a positive result in terms of parliamentary power, but are less expected step towards successful integration in EU and NATO.

Osmani said that the implementation of the name deal will have a positive impact on both countries and expressed his hopes that “Greece will become our biggest ally, our biggest supporter of our country’s integration into the EU and NATO.”