Only Moldova before Macedonia in infant mortality

The infant mortality rate in Macedonia is increasing, alarmed UNICEF in a new report that is part of the “Every Child Alive” campaign. In Europe worse than Macedonia is the only country in Moldova. UNICEF estimates that high mortality affects not only the efficiency of the health system, but also the development, poverty and social well-being, disease rates and environmental quality in countries. UNICEF ranked countries in the world in four groups according to the economic situation, including: countries with low, medium low, medium and high income.

Macedonia is housed in the group of middle-income countries, with an infant mortality rate of 8.3. That is the average number of one thousand newborns who died in the first 28 days of life. According to the mortality rate, Macedonia is in the company of Grenada, Mauritius, Colombia and Fiji. Of the countries in the region, there is a high death rate in Turkey – 6.5; Albania – 6.2; and Bosnia and Herzegovina with an average of 4.7 is on the list below.

At the top of the blacklist are Pakistan, the Central African Republic and Afghanistan with an average mortality of nearly 45 newborns of every 1,000 births.

2.6 million babies die annually in the world, of which one million on the day of their birth. The greatest chances of surviving and best nursing care are received in Japan, Iceland, Singapore and Finland. In Japan – the country with the lowest mortality rate – one out of every 1,111 newborns dies.