MMoFA replies to Russia’s MoFA: The Prespa Agreement doesn’t interfere with interests of third parties

Responding to the Department of Information of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its commentary on January 14th in connection with the adoption of the amendments to the Macedonian Constitution, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release on Tuesday.
MoFA regretfully notifies that despite such burning problems across the globe, the Department of Information of the Russian MoFA again, in a negative context, puts an accent to authentic political processes in two neighboring countries, which lead to solving a problem, strengthening confidence and building friendship.
The amendments to the Constitution in accordance with the Prespa Agreement, adopted in the Parliament with full respect for the envisaged parliamentary procedure and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, which reflect the consensual  determination of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia for membership in NATO and the European Union, have acquired undivided support from the broader international community, as an act of political courage, responsibility and leadership, which resolves a long-standing bilateral problem that has burdened the relations between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece, MoFA said in a press release.
The Prespa Agreement, it says further, doesn’t interfere with the interests of third parties, but essentially contributes to regional stability, friendship and cooperation, and as such is an example and model for resolving open issues between states.
The Ministry is confident that the future will confirm the correctness of this approach, which prefers political vision and leadership. The Macedonian Foreign Ministry is also certain that the benefits of regional stability and prosperity will be accepted and valorized by all parties, including from the friendly Russia.
Yesterday official Moscow said that the issue of changing the name of the Republic of Macedonia, which was approved in Parliament with the adoption of changes to the Constitution, should be considered by the United Nation’s Security Council.
‘The position of the Russian Federation with respect to the issue of the name of Macedonia remains unchanged – sustainable solution must be found without external pressure, without imposing deadlines and conditions by external factors and it must have overwhelming public support both in the Republic of Macedonia and Greece all the while being within legal frameworks. We think that the matter should be considered by the UN Security Council in accordance with paragraph 3 of the UNSC’s Resolution 845,’ said the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.