Mijalkov excluded without the opportunity to defend himself

The municipal committees of VMRO-DPMNE in Skopje’s Centar and Karpos organized the procedures necessary for exclusion from the party of Saso Mijalkov and Nikola Todorov in just one day. The director of Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) was not called to defend himself at all, while the former health minister would be given a chance to explain why the decision of the Central Committee was hasty and wrong.

The party statute stipulates that once the request has been received from the headquarters and the reason why the member must be disqualified, that is, his/her wrongdoing, the management of the MC, of which the “accused” is a member, will meet. Usually, it is about 25 to 30 people for the Skopje municipalities, who then select a five-member disciplinary commission, whose task is to decide in favor or against the exclusion. They can, but are not bound to call the “defendant” for questioning.

According to the information obtained by Nezavisen Vesnik/Independent newspaper, the procedure at the MC Centar for Mijalkov was carried out in one day. On Monday evening, the party’s Central Committee decided to exclude Mijalkov due to pressuring and blackmailing lawmakers to vote on constitutional changes. On The request came to the branch on Tuesday morning, and the “disciplinarians” scheduled a meeting in the afternoon.
“It has been established that Saso Mijalkov is acting in a rough manner against the program commitments, goals and tasks of the party, which is why a measure has been taken for expulsion from the party,” said representatives from the Centar branch of VMRO-DPMNE.

It was decided that Mijalkov did not need to attend the session, so the decision was made in his absence. The “chief” himself said he was sad to receive the decision of his exclusion from the party, to which he was a member since its formation.

Nikola Todorov insisted that he be summoned before the Disciplinary Commission in Karpos. According to him, committee members have an obligation to listen to question him, to give him facts and evidence, but also to listen to his side.

“This is a thorough principle of justice and equality, and you have no right to deny it. Therefore, I ask you to summon me at the MC meeting and then make the decision., This rule existed and was applied in all cases even in socialism and communism, except when it came to political liquidations and politically-tampered cases. VMRO fought against it and, unfortunately, it was the victim of such political liquidations and constructions. It is bad and unacceptable that today, in a free, sovereign, independent and democratic Macedonia, we should fight against the same thing. But it is not difficult, nothing is difficult when you fight for your homeland, I will fight it and win,” Todorov wrote on Facebook.

Sources from VMRO-DPMNE’s MC Karpos say that Todorov is likely to be summoned to the meeting, but that the things that he did before and after the referendum are unacceptable, and that he will have to bear political responsibility in the party.