Ivanov: Civic initiative ‘For United Macedonia’ must not be treated as a terrorist association

Those involved in the 27 April events must be held responsible, but the responsibility should not be generalized as the respect of human rights and presumption of innocence is a must, President Gjorge Ivanov said Tuesday in his address to citizens of Macedonia.

“I supported, and I am still supporting the initiative ‘For United Macedonia’, which voiced its concern about that national interests of the Republic of Macedonia for over two and half months. Those who joined it to demonstrate the idea of unity must not be treated as terrorist association,’ Ivanov said.

He voiced concern over the political vendetta, which ‘fuels tensions and political destabilization’.

‘In a time when we (the country) are to fulfill many tasks for a consolidation of the society, as well as the plan for the Euro-Atlantic integration, the entire energy should be focused on reaching consensus for a national dialogue and completion of reforms,’ the President said.

Revenge and demonstration of power polarize the society, and in such situation ‘we cannot expect reform progress,’ Ivanov said.

He called on all relevant institutions to act responsibly, respect the Macedonia’s constitution and laws. The citizens of Macedonia expect solution, not problems. They expect better living standard and prosperity. All political stakeholders should work on realization of the citizens’ expectations, Ivanov said.

There is nothing more dangerous from ‘inter-Macedonian conflict’, the President said, pointing out that ‘whenever divided other occupied, displaced renamed us.’