It’s time for making decisions, UN’s Nimetz says in Athens

There’s momentum, it’s time for making decisions, UN name mediator Matthew Nimetz said after his meeting Tuesday in Athens with Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

Nimetz and Kotzias discussed the ideas tabled by the UN envoy two weeks ago. After being briefed on the government’s positions, Nimetz said there were willingness demonstrated by the two parties to reach an agreement.

Calling the meeting ‘constructive’, Nimetz said the Greek government was sincere and active in its push for a solution.

“I think there is a momentum here. Waiting makes no sense, makes no sense in the northern neighbor, in general it makes no sense. We have been discussing the matter for 25 years, everyone knows the issues. It’s time to make decisions and I think we have reached that point,” the UN envoy told reporters after the meeting with Kotzias falling short to provide a concrete timeline. There will be talks in the coming weeks after which the situation should be re-examined, according to him.

Speaking to members of the media in Greece, the UN mediator failed to reveal his ideas and proposals saying it wasn’t a good idea to comment on what he had proposed, MIA reports from Athens. He said some of the ideas had been leaked to the media and once again said he didn’t want to publicly comment any of them.

“The two government can come up with their own ideas or I hope that they would use some of mine. I never propose final ideas, I’m the mediator, I am not the judge. On my part, I give ideas that I believe are the best ideas at the moment,” stated Nimetz.

After holding 40-minute talks, both Nimetz and Minisyer Kotzias resumed their discussions during a working lunch.

Earlier in the day, the UN diplomat met with Giorgos Koumoutsakos, Greece’s shadow foreign minister. No media statements were made after the meeting.

UN mediator Nimetz arrives in Skopje tomorrow for two-day meetings with Macedonia’s state officials.