Hahn: We have rendezvous with history, no time to lose

Let’s get down to work. We have a rendezvous with history. We have no time to lose. We are at the very start of a long journey, Johannes Hahn, EU Enlargement Negotiations Commissioner, said Tuesday addressing a session of the National Council for EU Integration in Skopje.

“It will be important to ensure inclusiveness and unity of purpose as regards your country’s strategic goal. You have a unique opportunity to bring together different voices in society and make a difference. An intensive period of work and many challenges lie ahead. I therefore encourage you to stay focused and united,” Hahn urged.

In terms of EU reforms, the Commissioner said that the country should give priority to the key areas identified by the Council. “We will continue to help you and assess progress, in particular when it comes to judicial reforms, the fight against corruption and organised crime, reform of intelligence and security services and public administration reform,” he told MPs.

Hahn noted that the upcoming name referendum would be an important moment for the country’s future and called on all the citizens, especially young voters, to exercise their democratic rights through their votes.