Ganka heading to Vodno

In a black elegant dress and hairstyle with curls, Ganka Cvetanova for a moment caught the attention of those present in the building of the new Baroque theater where the opposition celebrated October 23rd – the day when the historical VMRO was formed 125 years ago. The appearance of the Minister of Culture in the time of Ljubco Georgievski in the selected company of Hristijan Mickoski fueled speculation that she is precisely VMRO-DPMNE’s favorite for the spring presidential elections.
“Maybe she wouldn’t be a bad choice, but the question is whether she would accept it,” were the first comments from VMRO-DPMNE.

I will remain consistent

The minister, who was considered the “nice person” in the team of Ljubco Georgievski, did not withdraw from politics immediately after the end of her term and the fall of the government in 2002. On the contrary, she stayed in a high position in the party hierarchy and after the change of the helm of the VMRO-DPMNE, that is, after Nikola Gruevski’s arrival in the place of Georgievski. She was the head of Sasko Kedev’s election headquarters when Kedev ran for president in the 2004 elections, recalling her memorable press conferences and statements about his opponent – Branko Crvenkovski. She returned on the front pages in the company of Kedev when they entered the building of the Macedonian National Theater together.
Cvetanova says that she hasn’t heard so far that she has been considered for a presidential candidate, nor has she talked to anyone on that topic. She puts her guard up and does not want to comment on her political aspirations. She refuses to say word or two both about the policies and the manner in which leader Mickoski and the new leadership behave.
“I will remain consistent with what I promised, I will not comment on anything. After all, I’m not at all active in politics with the exception of tweets,” Cvetanova told Nezavisen Vesnik/Independent Newspaper.
However, after a few years of silence, she began to comment on Twitter on the wrong moves of the current government. It can be noted that she still does not reconcile with the realization of the Prespa Agreement. On the contrary, its target is the excluded MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, who voted in favor of the constitutional changes. The first to strike was her “successor” Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, who even before the referendum she asked whether she would vote for the agreement with Greece.
“The ultimate inheritance that you can leave to your children is dignity,” she told them.
A few days ago she announced that she would boycott the census scheduled for 2020, if it deprives her of the right to declare her ethnicity. She asks whether it was possible for the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate to monitor Mile Janakieski, and not know anything about Nikola Gruevski, she is angry for the sale in the Ministry of Health, complains about the polluted air in Skopje, she is mad at the special prosecutors who froze the property of VMRO –DPMNE, she notices that the power is in the idea, not in the property, while the dismissed Mitko Jancev says that the leader should create a team with a vision on his own, not get it effortlessly.

VMRO-DPMNE shows interest in a new name

VMRO-DPMNE, just like SDSM, says it is still too early to say who would be the party’s candidate for president. The name of the professor Trajko Slavevski, who also led in the internal polls, is being pushed in the VMRO circles. He has also stepped up public appearances recently, criticizing the economic policies of the government of Zoran Zaev and Minister Dragan Tevdovski. Officially, talks in the White Palace as successor to Gjorge Ivanov are in the initial stage, but unofficially, the leadership shows interest for a completely different candidate.
The leader Hristijan Mickoski confidently announced that they will come out with a candidate who will fiercely defeat SDSM’s candidate in the presidential election. If Cvetanova does not end in the presidential villa in Vodno, it is not excluded that the professor of the Skopje Music Academy will be part of the new team in the Ilinden Street that would come after the change of power. Until then, Cvetanova will remain active on social networks.

Goran Adamovski