Coordination body to monitor implementation of rights of people with disabilities

A coordinating body as part of the government will be set up to be in charge of implementing provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it was agreed Friday in a meeting of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with officials of the organization of special education teachers.

Macedonia ratified the document in 2011.

The body should include a national coordinator and two deputies, the government said in a press release.

Noting that to improve the standards of living of people with disabilities was a top priority of the government, PM Zaev said that the coordinating body should serve as a generator of all positive changes in the society.

The interlocutors also agreed on the establishment of an external monitoring body tasked with monitoring and criticizing the work of the coordinating body within the government, stated the press release. By a proposal of Labor Minister Mila Carovska, the body will be helmed by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia.

“All problems are solvable, all we need is the relevant institutions to demonstrate willingness,” stated Minister Carovska.

By founding the coordinating body, the government shows that special education teachers will serve as equal partners of the state institutions, said the officials of the organization of special education teachers.