Bakoyannis: We want a package deal the whole international community will accept

The whole international community, including the countries that have been using the name ‘Macedonia’ bilaterally, should accept the solution, said former Foreign Minister of Greece Dora Bakoyannis in a TV interview, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports.

“We want a solution the whole international community will accept. That’s the goal because currently they are being called ‘Macedonia’ by the international community. We want a solution that will change the decision on their bilateral recognition, and start using a name that will not be irredentist or impinge on our history, our identity, or our culture,” Bakoyannis told Greek Sky TV.

She echoed New Democracy’s conviction that the name dispute should not be resolved in stages, but that the agreement should be a package deal.

“If there’s any fear at all,” Bakoyannis said, “it is about resolving the dispute in stages. For example, if we decided on a name but neglected to simultaneously address irredentism, implementation, the Constitution, etc. That would be a fatal error.”

Bakoyannis, a New Democracy MP, criticized the Greek government that it has not kept the opposition party up to date about the progress of the negotiations, which is why she declined to comment Zoran Zaev’s latest statement that identity is not a topic addressed in the negotiations or any articles in the Greek press mentioning Upper Macedonia as a possible solution.

“It is humiliating,” Bakoyannis said, “for me and my party to find out details about the Skopje dispute negotiations from Zaev.”