Zoran Zaev meets with representatives of the Macedonian diaspora

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met Wednesday with representatives of the Macedonian diaspora in Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and the United States.

In the meeting, support was extended for the government policies bringing Macedonia closer to NATO and EU membership, the government’s press service said.

The interlocutors discussed several current issues, including the importance of the upcoming name referendum and the need for a more active role of all citizens, including expats, in order the referendum to be successful because it ‘opens Macedonia’s perspectives and chances of better living standards of all citizens.’

For Macedonia, Zaev said, NATO and the EU amounts to better economy, stability and security. He noted that he expected the referendum to be successful.

“Majority of citizens in Macedonia have already said that they champion changes, perspectives instead of isolation, well-being instead of poverty, reforms and democracy that lead to quality living standards and safe future of the country of present and future generations. I am confident that the referendum will verify the decision for a Euro-Atlantic future of Macedonia, which will introduce also a European life in Macedonia and stability and security,” stated PM Zaev.

He urged them to vote in the upcoming referendum and being representatives of the Macedonian diaspora to play an important role in this historic moment of the progress of Macedonia.

Zaev and the expats discussed the benefits from reform processes in the country, from establishing favorable relations with the neighbors and from the Euro-Atlantic integration process.

“True patriots are those that will secure the future of the country. It is an achievement for our children, for present generations. It is a fulfillment of the centuries-long aspiration of our predecessors to solidify the identity of the citizens in Macedonia, the Macedonian language and the establishment of Macedonia as a state in the global family of states once and for all,” stressed PM Zaev.

He thanked the expats for their willingness to help the country fulfill its strategic goals, NATO and EU accession, and achieve economic prosperity.

Furthermore, the ‘sincere’ policies of the government towards the diaspora were welcomed, designed to create conditions for investing in their homeland, stated the press release.