Zaev: No deal yet with Mickoski over SPO, census and electoral code

Ќе седнат ли лидерите на власта и на опозицијата повторно на заедничка маса?
There’s no agreement yet for a leaders’ meeting with VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski to discuss three issues – the Special Public Prosecution, census and the Electoral Code, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.
The Prime Minister said he expected a leaders’ meeting to be scheduled soon.

“If the opposition and other stakeholders have other issues that they want to talk about, I’m open for any kind of talks, however, these issues are far more serious and we need to sit down together to discuss them as soon as possible,” Zaev told the media.

Asked whether the Electoral Code would be amended, which would ultimately cut the number of constituencies – a demand by smaller political parties – Zaev said their position on the matter had been reiterated several times, adding the Electoral Code needed to be amended, first and foremost, to include all ODIHR recommendations.

According to him, the Swiss embassy has awarded a €11-million grant to assist the creation of a new electoral code.

“We should have a meeting before realizing it, because both Mickoski and myself, as well as many others, after the presidential elections had vowed to sit down and settle the matter before the next parliamentary elections. SDSM backs one electoral constituency, open lists, SDSM endorses all democratic means. We are prepared to do it and I believe the other political parties are prepared to make the first step towards democratization of the election processes in North Macedonia,” noted PM Zaev.