Who made a pact with the Devil – Janeva or Kamchev?

The two are like hyenas, they have business in common and of course mutual interest, one wants cash and the other wants the ability to buy his freedom with cash. The two main heroes in the turbo folk mafia series are Bojan Jovanovski known as Boki 13 and wealthy businessman Orce Kamchev. The Macedonian public has been listening to their conversations all weekend, in which they, as the newfound best girlfriends, they compliment each other, gossip and strengthen their mutual trust. Orce is too intelligent for Boki, and Kamcev himself reiterates: “Macedonia should use people like us in every field, not trample us.”

Kamchev apparently knocked on the right door in order to buy his freedom, but what’s most controversial in the talks is the agreement they mention with Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who is constantly in the company of Boki 13, who is a bridge between her and the main suspect in one of the key cases of the SPO, “Imperija”. The suspect, in turn, is humble and obedient, wishing the prosecutor a good night, putting his fate in the hands of Boki 13, who, according to Kamcev, plays the game for Z.Z. What kind of agreement Janeva made with Kamchev should be investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the prosecution of organized crime, and it depends on Janeva herself whether she will end up as a witness or a suspect.

In the course of several audio recordings being published, Janeva was on a beach in Greece and from there she’s been sending statements confirming that she had personally spoken with Kamchev, but not for cash or release, but that she had been recruiting him as a witness for another investigation.

“I have spoken with various people several times in an attempt to obtain better positions in criminal matters, and this has often been done through mediators appointed by them. In this particular case, during that period, negotiations were held on my part with the person OK. to become an associate – witness to a new prosecution we conducted at the Prosecutor’s Office, along with one of my assistant prosecutors”, writes Janeva.

However, few believed Janeva that her goal was to justify the funds, that is, that she wanted to outsmart Kamchev. Professor Gordan Kalajdziev says that legally anyone can be an associate of justice, but for him, in this case it seems more likely that Janeva is trying to get away with it.

“Anyone can be a protected witness or a so-called associate of justice under certain conditions”, says the professor.

But, in addition to Janeva, statements were also made by the prosecutor working on the “Imperija” case, Lile Stefanova, for whom Janeva says she does not always have under regular control, but is not authorized to do nothing without her permission, as all the documents that come out of the prosecution need to be signed by Janeva or her deputies, Elizabeta Josifovska and Lence Ristoska. Exactly that power to be the last filter to pass the final decisions, was what Janeva used to propose that Kamchev should leave Shutka Prison and go under house arrest, and later returned his passport so he could go to Turkey as a member of a Board of Directors.

In a statement to the public, prosecutor Stefanova also revealed that Janeva demanded from the prosecutors handling the “Imperija” and “Poshtenska banka” cases, that they must be closed by May 6th and that the suspects should avoid jail time.

“On April 16, 2019, a meeting was held at Katica Janeva’s office in which she made certain decisions before the prosecutors present, dealing with actions in the ‘Imperija’ and ‘Poshtenska Banka’ cases. Specifically, we were instructed, by May 6, 2019, at the latest, to submit written reports on the damages in both cases that the suspects had to pay to the state, after which the cases ‘are to be closed here’ and the suspects ‘not to go to prison’. However, Prosecutor Burim Rustemi and I prepared written reports in which, in addition to the amounts of damages, we also listed possible prison sentences under the Criminal Code in the event of an agreement with the Public Prosecutor. In addition, for the ‘Imperija’ case I emphasized that it is at a very early stage for a possible settlement and that the investigation should continue in the next period”, writes Stefanova.

The agreement that Janeva and Kamchev talk about is probably the same one that Janeva talked about at this meeting. The key sentence in this statement by Stefanova is that her position at that meeting was that the “Imperija” case was at a very early stage for a settlement. After this meeting, ie in the second half of April, Kamchev went and complained to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. The prime minister, however, first reported the racketeering, and Kamchev personally went to the Prosecutor’s Office and delivered all the recordings he had. Now it has to be revealed why Kamchev, who has been negotiating with Boki 13 since November, when he was detained, has decided to hand over everything to the prosecution. Did the deal break down or did Kamchev have a plan in advance?

Kamchev appears in public very little, but enough to assess that he plays well with any authority. In the VMRO-DPMNE’s decades-long rule it was repeatedly reported about his connection to the head of the Directorate of Security and Counterintelligence, and an investigation presented by Stefanova to the media confirmed that Kamchev was the brain of illegal businesses and Mijalkov was the executive power. When Mijalkov lost power, Kamchev was being summoned to the SPO, and in an interview for one news portal on the eve before the referendum he was quick to emphasize that he would vote “for” the country’s name change. Before the referendum, he called Prime Minister Zoran Zaev “the bravest of leaders” and said he wanted to see Macedonia in NATO and the European Union.

“These are values ​​in which we will all benefit ten times more than we have today. I’m not the only one saying this, nor is Zaev, the whole world has told us that! It was world leaders like Merkel, Kurtz and Mogherini who even came here”, Kamchev said in an interview, which was viewed as his endorsement of the new government. In the same interview, he also disassociates himself from his longtime friend, Mijalkov, with whom he had a fall-out after his fall from power.

“It is true that we were friends, but it is no longer so, and the reasons are different as to what is being speculated, and that will remain between us”, Kamchev said. But despite this interview, Kamchev was detained, and Bulgaria, the country with which he has close business relations, responded. His last public appearance was a month ago, when he came to testify about the “Tortura” case, in which one of the defendants is Mijalkov. Apparently, in a few months he changed his mind again and became a patriot, and when asked by a judge if he was a citizen of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, he replied “Macedonian only”.

Prosecutor Lile Stefanova is due to appear in the trial of the “Titanic” case today, ie VMRO-DPMNE’s election irregularities. However, all the crimes of the previous government have now suppressed the new affair. For that affair, Stefanova will be giving a statement on Tuesday at the Prosecutor’s Office, followed by Janeva.

The cash is nowhere to be found

In addition to investigating “Reket”, financial investigations are under way, databases of property, bank accounts and even bank safes linked to detainees are being searched.

Suspicious transactions are also under the authority of the Financial Intelligence Service, and yesterday’s footage revealed that it had sought immediate detention for Kamchev because his close friends were withdrawing money and that it’s possible that he escapes, but Boki 13 claims that “the woman”, referring to Janeva, will not allow for that scenario to happen.

Frosina Fakova-Serafinovic