Varvitsiotis: EU talks with only one candidate could pave the way for destabilization on our border

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Greece’s Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis warned against the opening of EU negotiations with only one candidate country.

“Due to the presence of an Albanian element in the region, decoupling and opening of accession talks with only one candidate country could pave the way for destabilization on our northern border,” Varvitsiotis said Wednesday speaking at a session of the Parliament’s Committee for National Defense and Foreign Affairs.

According to the positions presented by the Alternate Foreign Minister, Greece is in favor of the EU approving the start of negotiations with both North Macedonia and Albania.

He said that Greece has always supported the European policy of enlargement to include Western Balkan countries.

“Greece believes that it is a strong tool in achieving peace, stability and prosperity for the wider region,” said Varvitsiotis.