Speaker Xhaferi opens today’s parliamentary session in Albanian

Immediately after Xhaferi opened today’s parliamentary session, however, VMRO-DPMNE’s parliamentary group’s coordinator Nikola Micevski objected by saying speaking Albanian was a breach of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

“Article 3 of the Rules of Procedure says that the official language in Parliament is Macedonian,” Micevski said, adding that changes should be made first to these guidelines before the session could resume.

“I have nothing against people speaking their language,” Micevski added, “but this breach of procedure is the wrong way to go.”

Xhaferi dismissed Micevski’s objections by saying the Law on Languages has been officially adopted.

SDSM’s parliamentary group’s coordinator Jovan Mitrevski joined in the discussion by saying that the current government and the current parliamentary majority aim to build a common society for all.

Language, Mitrevski said, is one of the pillars of such a society and helps people understand one another.

“But more important than the language it’s said in,” he pointed out, “is what is being said. It’s much more important for us to pass laws in the interests of citizens.”