Sekerinska: Reshuffle of posts right after the elections

The country has a government that listens to the citizens, instead of listening in on their phone calls, a government that knows when a message has been sent, instead of punishing for such messages, said Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska.

“The prime minister said the message has been received. And it is this message that is prompting us to undergo a reshuffle of posts right after the elections, according to the law. This coming reshuffle won’t be limited only to the government, it will also affect officials of the executive branch,” Sekerinska told reporters.

She planted a seedling near the quay of river Vardar as part of a campaign for planting 150 seedlings to fight air pollution and protect the environment.

According to the Minister, the government has been focused on major state issues. “There, we delivered results, which isn’t the case in all of the sectors.”

“After the elections, the reshuffle efforts will show that when there’s freedom and when the media and the citizens don’t feel afraid to say what they think, the governments function better and the country is prospering,” Sekerinska noted.