Protest over the ‘Monster’ case before the Criminal Court

A small group of citizens before the Criminal Court is demanding for a prison sentence for the murder near Smilkovo Lake. They stressed that they organized themselves in order to seek justice. The parents of the killed boys did not attend the protest, but told the media that they would wait to see how the Special Prosecutor’s Office would act.

Six years ago at Smilkovo Lake, Kire Trickovski, Filip Slavkovski, Cvetanco Akkovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski and fisherman Borce Stefanovski were killed.

The “Monster” case was opened for the five-time murder of Smilkovso Lake, and Alil Demiri, Afrim and Agim Ismailovic and Ezim and Haki Aziri and Sami Ljuta were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Supreme Court upheld the verdicts in November last year, acquitted the convicted Agim Ismailovic, Haki Aziri, Sami Ljuta and Fejzi Aziri, and ordered precautionary measures. Alil Demiri and Afrim Ismailovic are still inaccessible for the court, after which international warrants have been issued.

Last month, the “Monster” case was taken over by the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva said she expected the trial to resume in April in the phase in which she was interrupted and ready to present the case to the court.