Poland to ratify North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol

The Parliament in Poland is set to ratify North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol on Thursday morning, said Polish Ambassador to the country Wojciech Jerzy Tyciński Wednesday at a diplomatic panel titled ‘Road to Brussels’, organized as part of the NATO week.
“It’s not a coincidence that the ratification vote is taking place these days,” Tyciński said. “We wanted to invite Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi to attend the event, but he’s visiting abroad at the moment, so Vice Speaker Vesel Memedi will attend the vote.”
Joining NATO, according to Tyciński, is not an easy, but complex process involving difficult decisions. Still, the final result is what counts.
“We’ve been a NATO member for 20 years, and all your efforts are indeed worth it,” he added.
The diplomatic discussion with NATO member states’ ambassadors was also addressed by PM Zoran Zaev and Defense Minister Radmila Shekjerinska. It was organized by the Ministry of Defense, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia.