Pendarovski and Siljanovska-Davkova submit presidential candidacies

Representatives of the main political parties SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE submitted the presidential candidacies of their candidates Stevo Pendarovski and Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova to the State Election Commission today.

Aleksandar Kiracovski, head of the SDSM election HQ, submitted the presidential candidacy of Stevo Pendarovski.

“I assure you that the campaign will be peaceful and civil, reflecting our democratic society,” said Kiracovski and urged all political parties to conduct European-like campaigns that bring the best out of everyone. SDSM submitted the candidacy using the citizens’ signatures, not the MPs’.

“We decided on using this form because it carries more weight, the 32,000 signatures supporting Stevo Pendarovski,” said Kiracovski.

VMRO-DPMNE representatives arrived in SEC shortly afterwards and submitted the candidacy of Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova.

Alliance for Albanians and Besa candidate Blerim Reka has already submitted his candidacy yesterday.