MoI: We’re monitoring the general situation, not ‘Macedonia Boycotting’

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has denied allegations that the police were monitoring people boycotting the referendum after boycott organizers recently made these claims in their response to an interview given by Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski for MIA.

Denying the allegations issued by the Macedonia Boycotting headquarters, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has dismissed them as speculations based on a spin of Spasovski’s statements.

“In the interview,” the Ministry’s press release reads, “Minister Spasovski clearly says that he, just like all citizens of Macedonia, is following current developments regarding the referendum, that is, the positions of all political structures related to the referendum.

“This includes the ‘Boycotting’ platform, which has a legitimate right to their own position. Citizens, just like Spasovski, are following political developments, which does not mean police surveillance, as some like to manipulatively speculate.”

The Ministry, the release states, strongly denies these allegations, adding that if this platform wants to attract public attention, it should find ways other than spreading lies and misinformation.