Mijalkov released from Sutka prison before elections

The Skopje-based Appellate Court has ordered house arrest for former director of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) Sasho Mijalkov and former State Election Commission (SEC) member Bedredin Ibraimi in the Special Prosecutor’s Office case dubbed “Titanic 2”.
Former SEC member Aneta Stefanovska will be under precautionary measures, while the complaints of Vlatko Sajkovski and Sasho Srcev, also former SEC members, have been rejected.
In the first-distance ruling, Mijalkov was sentenced to three years in prison, DPA leader Menduh Thaci to three years and two months, Ibraimi to four years and six months, while Sajkovski, Srcev and Stefanovska to three years.
Mijalkov and Ibraimi were given detention orders, while the four others precautionary measures.
According to the SPO indictment, Mijalkov agreed with Thaci over the complaints for a re-vote in three polling stations in Strumica at the 2013 local elections.