“Krvotok” will reform VMRO-DPMNE

While messages of unification reach from the ‘White palace’ of VMRO-DPMNE, and the reformers are included in the bodies of the organization, some of the prominent members of the party openly and publicly voiced dissent with the leadership, announcing new internal clashes. With a baby in his hands, MP Antonio Milososki through the social networks pointed out that, contrary to the decision of the party, will join the protest against the change of the constitutional name of Macedonia, which was held in Skopje yesterday. Less timidly, the same was announced and done by part of the members of the newly formed executive committee, but most of them, however, stood behind the policy of the “Valandovo” leadership. The “Reform Wing”, which after the departure of Nikola Gruevski blunted the blade, is struggling to tackle the expected internal party reforms, while the “ignored” Filip Petrovski announces the formation of a faction in order, as he says, to return VMRO-DPMNE to its members again. The experts say that a wave of dissatisfaction is likely to be after the election for presidents of municipal committees, which is underway and fear that it will additionally inflate party divisions.

Last week, the central committee of VMRO-DPMNE held a session to discuss the current topics, and among other things, Dragi Danev was appointed new members of the EC, who was also appointed as the new coordinator of the caucus, as well as Aleksandar Veljanovski, who was the head of the MC in Tetovo. However, beyond such official information, other information can be heard that the party’s EC has reached a conclusion not only to not protest against the change of the constitutional name, but also to not support it.
“We did this because the party has built a position on the negotiations with Greece. We have clearly stated that we will not support the change of the Constitution in order to change the constitutional name, nor will we support the unbiased solution to the name dispute. If we strive to be a serious party, we must not lead ourselves to the situation of protesting any other red lines or to demand a complete suspension of the negotiations, that is, we must change our positions,” party officials told “Nezavisen/Independent” newspaper.

They believe that the process of changing VMRO-DPMNE has started, but it will take a lot of time, because it’s not easy to abandon old politics and habits. In that context, the former leader Nikola Gruevski is mentioned, who allegedly went to the party headquarters “from dusk till dawn”. Talks with the reforming wing for changes to the statute are still ongoing. In the new EC, a place was found for Kostadin Bogdanov, but media speculation that Aleksandar Mihajlovski has also entered is not accurate.
“Such misinformation has brought negative points to both sides: both the reformers and the new leadership, so it’s unclear who and why was placed,” our sources are wondering.

In this context, there were rumors of the sensational news that Filip Petrovski, who is considered the greatest critic of the incumbent party president, will become the party’s fourth vice president.

“I do not even know what to say about such nonsense, they deliver incorrect information and use it to show some kind of unity. I have no contact with Mickoski. The situation is much more serious. We, as prominent members, are forced to seek salvation for VMRO-DPMNE, because the party is captured by a leader, captured by foreign mercenaries, and this is obvious and clear. They do not act as a party, but as a collective association of interests and look like a blackmailed structure. Their latest ‘pearl’ was the boycott of the protest expressing the needs of the Macedonian people to preserve national interests, and at the same time infiltrating their people close to UDBA to control and suppress it. In a few days, we will promote the measures for the rescue of VMRO-DPMNE, we will start with the intra-party movement ‘Krvotok’, which will return the party of members and supporters. I will never leave VMRO-DPMNE. The membership and I will take the party on the right track,” Petrovski stated.
One of the main goals of the new leadership of VMRO-DPMNE was the improving of relations with Brussels and Washington, which did not exist at all in the past years. For these reasons, they organized visits to the world power centers and meetings with the leaders of the European Union, and then also with the main politicians from the region. The party says it takes time to feel the results of Mickoski’s new approach and his team.