Katica Janeva arrives to testify accompanied by a lawyer

Фото: Б. Грданоски
Arriving to testify at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime accompanied by a lawyer, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva said she hoped her testimony would speed up the “Racket” investigation.

“I’m still a special prosecutor,” Janeva told reporters. “My coworkers are fully authorized to represent the state in court proceedings. I hope we see several resolutions this fall.

“As for my testimony today, I hope my testimony and my arguments accelerate the investigation,” Janeva added.

So far, Special Prosecutors Lile Stefanova, Elizabeta Josifoska, and Burim Rustemi have all given their testimonies.

Zoran Mileski-Kicheec, charged in the Racket case with “accepting a reward for illegal influence,” was brought in from detention to be questioned by prosecutors on Monday.

Mileski-Kicheec and Bojan Jovanovski are the only suspects so far in the Racket case, and they are both in detention at the Shutka prison. Jovanovski is also charged with money laundering.

Also testifying on Monday was senior citizen Liljana Todorovski, the signatory of a project to build European centers for seniors through Jovanovski’s International Union NGO.

Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski had said that anyone involved in the Racket case would be asked to testify at a hearing or be interrogated.