Hungary grants asylum to former PM Gruevski

“Today the Republic of Hungary, an EU and NATO member country, approved my previously submitted request for political asylum for political persecution in the Republic of Macedonia. In the request for political asylum I stated that I am apply for it due to political persecution by the new government led by the SDSM party. I have learned that the government wants to take my freedom away using undemocratic steps and methods and abusing the prosecutorial and judicial system in Macedonia,” wrote Nikola Gruevski on Facebook after Hungary granted asylum to the former prime minister who fled to Budapest after being sentenced to jail for abuse of power.

‘The Immigration Authority concluded that if Gruevski returned home, his political past and stance, as well as accusations made against him by the new government, could make him subject to official persecution,’ the daily Magyar Idok said.

Neither the Hungarian nor the Macedonia government has thus far confirmed the news that Gruevski was granted political asylum.

Last Tuesday, the 48-year-old Gruevski who was prime minister of the Balkan country between 2006 and 2016, announced via Facebook that he had fled to the Hungarian capital. Earlier today the Macedonian Justice Ministry said it had sent a request for Gruevski’s extradition to Hungary.