Hahn: On September 30 you have an opportunity to shape your future (VIDEO)

On September 30 you have a unique opportunity to shape your future. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a choice that will have an impact on the citizens, their children and the next generations those who are not yet born. The referendum is a very unique opportunity for citizens to take such important decision, which has so far-reaching consequences, EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said after Tuesday’s meeting with PM Zoran Zaev.

According to him it is important the citizens can make an informed decision through a quality reporting.

“My plea to citizens is simple, be informed and exercise your democratic right to vote and make your voice heard. It’s you country, your future, enhance your own free choice, especially the younger generation. Use your opportunities, use your rights, go to the voting cabins and take your decisions,” Hahn added.

“There is a very strong support for this agreement by the international community, because it safeguards the country’s future and Euro-Atlantic perspective, but it is an independent decision by the citizens and its’ important contribution to peace and stability not only for the region but for whole Europe. It’s entirely up to you, you have to decide whether to seize this opportunity. The door to the EU is open but you and only you whether to seize this opportunity,” Hahn said.

He underlined that he does not like the abbreviation FYROM but he still has to use it. “I would like to speak in future about North Macedonia, and you have to decide if I can do this in the future,” Hahn added.

“Next week we will have a very important meeting in Brussels where we will start the screening exercise concerning the whole preparatory work for starting negotiations,” Hahn said.

He underlined that in the past weeks Skopje has become most popular destination for politicians not only from Europe, but from all around the world.

“This also proving how appreciated this agreement between your country and Greece is seen and received by the international community. Because we have many long lasting conflicts around the globe, but it’s rather unique that one of them could be solved, this is something which is extremely welcomed by the international community. It gives a boost to everybody that even frozen conflicts can be resolved, if there is leadership, if there is determination and perspective,” Hahn said.

“Whatever your decision is, be assured that EU will be always on your side,” Hahn said.

“My message to him like to the Prime Minister and to other leaders, not only yesterday but in the last couple of months was always it’s referendum about the future of the country, it should not become party political event. Political parties should refrain from using this for party political reasons. Everybody should decide upon his or her own interests and in such a crucial moment it’s not time to play party political games,” Hahn answered reporters’ question.

PM Zaev underlined that the citizens will make the most important decision until the start of EU negotiations on September 30.

“The Republic of Macedonia and its citizens appreciate the EU support for the promotion of our country. Today’s visit by EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn confirms this. I have only words of praise for the “Imagine the Future Together” campaign that reminds citizens of the inseparable ties with the EU. Citizens have never felt before as part of the EU as they are now,” Zaev said.

“We will start the screening on September 27, and we will show concrete reform steps such as the rule of law, the fight against corruption and the reforms in the administration by June,” Zaev said at a joint press conference with EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

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