Deskoska: The security of wiretapped materials in SPO building has not been not compromised

Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska said the security of the wiretapped materials in the Special Prosecutor’s Office has not been compromised, as the Public Prosecutor’s Office has taken over the jurisdiction and those materials now are under the formal care of this Prosecutor’s Office.

“In line with the existing Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, and this was not changed even in the proposals that we submitted to Parliament, the public prosecutor has the right to entrust cases to specific public prosecutors. It is not something that happens for the first time, it has happened in the past when Zvrlevski was public prosecutor and in other cases. They are handling the cases after the prosecutor assigned them,” Deskoska told TV Alsat’s “360 Degrees” show.

According to Deskoska, it is not disputable from the legal point of view that prosecutors are based in the same Special Prosecutor’s Office building.

As for the wages of the SPO staff, Deskoska said amendments to the Law on Public Prosecutors are being prepared.

Regarding the cases of employment of relatives and close associates in the SPO, Deskoska noted that some of that information was untrue and had already been denied. It would be good if State Commission for Prevention of Corruption investigates these cases, said the minister of justice.