BESA Movement elects Afrim Gashi for its leader

Afrim Gashi has been elected Sunday for a new leader of the opposition ‘BESA’ Movement.

At the party’s first congress in Tetovo, Gashi scooped 522 votes out of 575 delegates.

From this day on BESA will be a party not only of Albanians, but of all people living in Macedonia, Gashi said.

He notified his priorities as BESA leader: Macedonia’s accession to the EU and NATO; better living standards for citizens; justice for all and a party open for redefining of the country.

Today’s gathering also elected monitoring and central councils as the party’s highest bodies between two congresses.

DPA leader Menduh Tachi, representatives of the Alliance of Albanian, the Turkish Democratic Party and the diplomatic corps attended the BESA first congress.