58 percent of Macedonians consider EU membership as positive

Most citizens in the European Union are opposed to expanding the Union with new members in the coming years, while at the same time candidate countries continue to support EU membership and believe it would be useful, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey conducted by the European Commission.

The survey, which included 5 candidate countries for EU membership, showed that most citizens in Macedonia, 58%, consider EU membership as positive. 13 percent say it would be a bad thing, while 28 percent are reserved. In Serbia, 42% think membership in the European Union would be a good thing. In Albania, as many as 93 percent of respondents said membership would be a positive thing, with only 1 percent having a negative opinion.
As for other candidate countries, 45 percent of Montenegrins and 35 percent of Turks consider the EU membership as a positive thing.