Pendarovski gives up on Katica, but not the SPO

He gave up on Katica Janeva, stood behind the SPO, calling for legal but also political responsibility for the “Racket” case, and told prosecutors that it was not the right time for going on vacation and that they should conduct a swift and thorough investigation. These were in short the key messages of the President Stevo Pendarovski, who called a press conference yesterday to express his view on the affair that is shaking the country. In doing so, he called the “Racket” affair a serious crime and expressed his disappointment with the public prosecutor very clearly, adding – if she is guilty.
“As a citizen and human being, without acting in my capacity as president, I am disappointed because my expectations have been let down, especially by the people appointed to take care of rule of law. I’m aware of my responsibility as president and of my duty to protect the interests of the country and its citizens, its prosperity and security, and the achievement of the strategic goals, NATO & EU, towards which, in the past two years, we have acquired considerable momentum, I urge the competent institutions to ensure efficient, quick & thorough completion of the investigation respecting the principle of presumption of innocence. If there is evidence, file charges against everyone involved, regardless of whether they are public officials or not. As Racket case started unraveling, I’ve said publicly I’m disappointed with what I heard, calling for swift and thorough investigation. Instead, those who should be investigating took off for summer vacation as if it’s business as usual. Audio recordings and videos shared by the media these past days are the cause of major pubic disappointment. Among all citizens, especially those who, for years at the cost of constant pressure and threats from former government officials, protested daily demanding justice”, said President Pendarovski.
Answering a reporter’s question, he said he was disappointed, too, in the head of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, Katica Janeva.
Also, President Pendarovski called on the media, without limiting press freedom, to fact-check information, because ‘fake news aren’t intended to inform the public, they are designed to undermine the people’s trust in justice and state institutions.”
He also said that he does not see the scandal threatening the country’s EU perspective, but warns that this could change.