Azmanov: Boki 13 threatened me

Businessman Zoran Azmanov gave a testimony at the Public Prosecution in which he said the prime suspect in the Racket case Bojan Jovanovski was threatening him with the publication of documents from the SPO and the Financial Police.

Bojan Jovanovski had threatened Azmanov, he said, over the phone as the Macedonian Insider TV-show was being announced on 1TV, the television channel Boki 13 unofficially owned.

According to Azmanov, Boki 13 was using the power of his media outlet to extort money.

“The teaser for that show was shameless. You were given no room to say anything in your defense,” Azmanov told the press after giving his testimony at the PPO.

“What gives you the right, I asked him over the phone, to be doing such a show? How do you know I’m the construction mafia when I haven’t done any business with the state?” Azmanov recalled a conversation with Jovanovski.

“Don’t worry,” Azmanov cited Jovanovski as telling him, adding he had information from the Financial Police and the SPO.

So far, prosecutors have heard the testimonies of Agapi Dika from the International Union NGO; businessman Siljan Micevski, TV-personality Lila Filipovska, and members of Parliament Frosina Remenski and Aleksandar Kiracovski.