Anti-Corruption Commission launches two proceedings against Ivanov

 The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption at a session Wednesday reached a decision to initiate infringement proceedings against President Gjorge Ivanov for signing decrees to promote and appoint top military officials in the midst of the election period.

The decrees, published on 26 February 2019 in the Official Gazette, didn’t abide by the bans defined by the Electoral Code and the law on preventing corruption and conflict of interest, it was concluded.

President Ivanov, it was elaborated, promoted the incumbent chief of staff, Vasko Gjurchinovski, to lieutenant general. The promotion constitutes a breach of the provision of the law on the army, which stipulate that the Defense Ministry should launch a promotion procedure and put forward a proposal to the President. In this case, no such proposal had been sent, the Commission found out.
According to the Commission, Ivanov has broken his legal authorization by making a decision without respecting the law,

President Ivanov, a day after the April presidential elections were called, had signed decrees to promote three military officials. The move now also is subject to infringement proceedings launched by the Anti-Corruption Commission.