VMRO-DPMNE files 12 complaints to the SEC

A total of 12 complaints to the State Election Commission (SEC) were submitted by VMRO-DPMNE after the second round of presidential elections. According to the main opposition party, there were cases of stuffing boxes, voting for more people, illegal agitation, abuse of state resources, and bribery on Sunday.

“These are not democratic elections, but effectively implemented electoral engineering,” accuses VMRO-DPMNE, although the party accepted the election defeat on Sunday without congratulating the newly elected President Stevo Pendarovski.
The party emphasized that there was a discrepancy in the number of signed voters with the number of ballots in Novo Selo and Kumanovo. In Studenicani, Brvenica and Ohrid, the number of unused ballots and the number of ballots used was higher than the total number of voters. Ballot papers were taken out at one polling station in Ohrid and Prilep. In Shuto Orizari a citizen came to vote, but someone has already voted for him. In Plasnica, the same signature was registered with several voters, which, according to the opposition, meant that someone voted on their behalf.
“In Radovish, four people were allowed to vote, but they did not sign in the Voters List. In Center in Skopje at the polling station 2859, a rough abuse was committed by the Vice-President and a member of the EC by continuously browsing the list during the Election Day, registered those who did not go out to vote, and then the data with their first and last name were sent via telephone and SMS. In Saraj, a person voted with a damaged ballot that was taped back together, which violates the secrecy of the vote”, VMRO-DPMNE claims.
The president of MEC Novo Selo, Venera Shopova, said that today it will be known whether Nikola Andonov will receive the mayor’s decision or there will be re-voting at one polling station in the municipality of Novo Selo. According to her, the complaint was submitted for one polling station in the village of Sushica, which contains 795 voters.
– The complaint relates to alleged inconsistence in the number of registered voters who voted with the number of ballots. After the electoral material, along with the members of the electoral board, came to the MEC and was counted again, it turned out that everything is fine – informs President Shopova.
In the snap elections for mayor of Novo Selo, SDSM candidate Nikola Andonov won with 19 votes more than his opponent.
The SEC will review the complaints today and it has a deadline of 48 hours to reach a decision. Pendarovski should take over Gjorgje Ivanov’s post on Sunday.