(PHOTO) Tactical live-fire exercise at Krivolak

A tactical live-fire exercise took place Saturday as part of the “Decisive Strike” military exercise at the Krivolak training area.

Infantry, gunnery and air force units participated in the exercise, and Chief of the U.S. National Guard Bureau Joseph Lengyel also attended it.

Over 2.700 soldiers from six countries, including North Macedonia, participated in this complex military exercise, the largest in the country so far.

North Macedonia’s Army and the U.S. forces participate with 1.300 soldiers, whereas Montenegro with 75, Lithuania 10, Bulgaria 25, and Albania with 25 soldiers. The exercise will enable the armies to synchronize available forces and increase interoperability among partner countries’ special operation forces.

The exercise scenario covered demonstration of readiness through credible collective defense including detailed operation planning, command post exercises, two-sided field exercise and live ammunition shooting drill.

In addition, open days for citizens will be organized in several cities in North Macedonia. The open days include presentation of military equipment, sports competitions, as well as activities of the mobile medical teams of the U.S. Army.