Parliament adopts law on languages with 64 votes and no amendments (VIDEO)

In a tense atmosphere, while there was real turmoil in front of the parliamentary pulpit, parliament passed the Law on Languages.

As many as 64 MPs voted for the regulation that is part of the pre-contractual agreement between SDSM and DUI. No one voted “against” or “abstain”.
The law, in the third reading, was adopted with the same content as on January 11 this year, when President Gjorge Ivanov vetoed. This time, Ivanov is obliged to sign the Decree on the Proclamation of the Law on Languages.

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE, whose nearly 36,000 amendments were rejected yesterday and directly passed to the vote, announced earlier that it will go to court settlement if there is no debate on its proposed corrections.


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