Hoyt Yee: Kosovo and Serbia should take advantage of Berlin conference

Former deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Bryan Hoyt Yee says that the Berlin conference is not decisive in terms of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, but an opportunity to talk.

He says that discussions in Berlin will bring something new and progress between the two countries.

“I praise Germany and other countries for organizing such meetings. I hope that the discussions will be sincere and that there will be details about the next steps that Serbia and Kosovo should take. I don’t think territorial partitions based on ethnic lines is a good idea”, Yee said.

In a meeting dubbed “Unsolved solution in Western Balkans” held in Washington, Yee said that Serbia needs to decide whether it will join the EU or Russia, because it’s not possible to adhere in two different organizations at the same time.

He said that the international community does not currently have a clear strategy for Western Balkans and that the US and EU do not pay the necessary attention to the region.

“We must be aware of the fact that if we don’t react immediately, things will get worse”, Yee said.