After a five-hour interrogation – Katica Janeva feels no guilt over the “Racket” affair

Фото: Б. Грданоски
After Tuesday’s five-hour questioning over the Racket case at the Prosecution for Organized Crime, Katica Janeva told the press she didn’t feel any guilt and didn’t know whether any politicians were involved in the scandal.

Asked if it was her voice promising “everything will be fine” to Jordan Kamchev in the recently released recording, Janeva said she couldn’t comment on it as it was part of the investigation.

“I hope there’s a trial. You’ll be seeing more of me,” she told reporters.

Asked if she knew where the Racket money was and if Kamchev was still a suspect, she said: “Yes.”

Janeva didn’t comment on why she proposed that the Empire and Post Bank defendants be released after a settlement.

While answering reporters’ questions, her lawyer Stevan Pavlevski warned Janeva several times that she “wasn’t at an interrogation” and tried to stop her from responding.

Pavlevski, who joined Janeva at the Prosecutor’s Office today, is also the lawyer of Cvetan Pandelevski, who is indicted in the SPO’s “Empire” case.