Zaev: Friendship with Russia certainly continues

North Macedonia’s PM Zoran Zaev said on Thursday that he had met with Russian Ambassador to Skopje Sergey Bazdnikin at the Government, and the two agreed that the case with the Russian pranksters wouldn’t affect bilateral relations and cooperation.

“Friendship with Russia certainly continues. It’s our duty to strengthen and enhance it. We’re working on new economic projects. I believe trade with the Russian Federation will also grow.

“Modern technologies can sometimes cause unpleasant situations like this, but countries must promote friendship,” Zaev said in answer to a reporter’s question at the opening of ATS GROUP plant in Vizbegovo.

Asked if Russian authorities would do something about the case, Zaev said that neither Macedonian nor Russian legislation has many provisions that could apply to such cases.
“What we definitely need to do is strengthen security protocols,” he said.