US State Secretary Pompeo calls on Kosovo to scrap tariffs imposed on Serbia

United State of America have demanded authorities in Kosovo to scrap the tariffs introduced on imports coming from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and work with Serbia in order to avoid provocations and tension. This was declared following a meeting that US State Secretary Pompeo had with Kosovo’s president, Hashim Thaci.
“Normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is the only way to give way to the integration of both countries within the community of western countries. United States of America are ready to assist the sides to achieve an applicable agreement which would increase stability”, the statement says.

Meanwhile, president Thaci declared that: “The US State Secretary Pompeo offered his strong support in order for a deal to be reached between Kosovo and Serbia as soon as possible in a transparent, efficient and implementable way.”

On November 21, the government of Kosovo decided to increase tax on imports for goods coming from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by 100%, a day after Kosovo failed to secure the necessary votes to become a member of Interpol./IBNA