The Government salutes the French ‘non-paper’

Фото: Б. Грданоски

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia finds the renewed approach in the EU enlargement process promoted by France, in which rule of law and fundamental rights remain an integral requirement while reversibility of the negotiating process a key aspect, worth saluting since “any idea that contributes to the faster start of North Macedonia’s Union accession negotiations and makes them more efficient, comprehensive and credible is welcome.”

France has forwarded its “non-paper” to member-states and urges the European Commission to release the new methodology by January 2020. The Government has also received the document, which will now be analyzed so that the country’s institutions provide their contribution in the process of reforming the negotiating methodology.

According to the French proposal, the renewed approach would be based on four principles: gradual accession, more stringent conditions, tangible benefit and reversibility, making it “more gradual and stimulating”.

“It is very important that the framework proposed by France affirms EU membership as the main and ultimate goal of the process, which for us, is the required condition for it to be even discussed,” reports the Government.