Ovations for Trpceski’s concert in Brussels

A concert of Macedonian prominent pianist Simon Trpceski at one of the prestigious halls in Brussels ‘Bozar’ late Saturday mesmerized the audience, MIA reports from the Belgian capital.

Accompanied by the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra, Trpceski performed the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 – the work of art of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.

‘Listz’s concerto no.2 allows a pianist to present his virtuosity in both technique and performance,’ Trpceski told MIA, overwhelmed by the ecstatic ovations.

Responding to the ovations, Trpceski played the capriccio no. 1 by Macedonian composer Dragan Suplevski along with the sounds of violin of the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra Konzertmeister, Saténik Khourdoian.